Hub International Quebec Ltee.



Cytronics Corporationis proud to announce a new partnership with one of the best damage insurance broker in the province of Quebec.Yanick Houle is a damage insurance broker with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Yanick has distinguished himself over the years and is proud today to be considered among the best salesman in the company. He specializes in commercial insurance but can also provide automobile/housing insurance.

No matter your needs, the best insurance solutions are just a phone call away!

HUB International Québec Ltee. – a company dedicated to helping you navigate through the complexity of managing your insurance needs and plan which is not.

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Yanick Houle

Vice-President, Account Executive, Damage insurance Broker

Tel: (514) 850-4438 / 1800-561-2137

Fax: (514) 850-4437