Mx-Solution from MPEX gives you a single-entry system that brings together all the tools you need to meet your organizational goals and to improve your bottom line, from employee scheduling, time collect and tracking, employee timesheets and expenses management, human resources management, project management and job costing, to employee and manager self-service.

Whether your payroll consists of 50 or 5,000 or just a few employees, avoid duplicated data entries with only one location where you can find all the employee profiles and data you need, from anywhere at any time, from MX-Solution in the cloud as a service (SaaS).

Implanted among companies involved in hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and business services industries, Mx-Solution enjoy a strong reputation primarily among companies involved in the retail industries.

Because of the most accurate scheduling tool on the market, MX- Solution will help retail businesses meeting their sales forecasts and deliver an exceptional manager’s experience as they schedule the right employee and the right number of employees at the right moment, helping them balance between workforce sale per hour ( SPH ) based on employee’s performance and meet their target’s planning versus their corporate budget, week after week. MX-Solution also allows them to analyze workforce sale per hour scheduling ( SPH ) alongside the real sale per hour from POS data — store by store — giving them valuable insight into the correlation between staffing for store target and actual sales performance.

MPEX, your Time and Attendance experts.