Our Insurance Module is designed to enable the management of contracts in real time and online.

This system, fully integrated with Maxi-Pay and necessary for accounting, is easy to use, fast and reliable.

Product design was made taking into account the NEEDS of:

РGROUP Insurance Advisors, as well as  INDEPENDENT and autonomous, beneficiaries of contracts

For the Advisors :

– Viewing and managing portfolio of contracts under its responsibility.
– Invoice tracking.
– Creating different scenarios to analyze the costs and benefits to the clients.
– Availability of laboratory mode to simulate and analyze the effects of a change in coverage.
– Produce reports on annual taxable income by employee.

For the Client :

– Visualization and complete understanding of the group insurance policy offers to all of their employees.
– Full autonomy to produce reports on annual taxable income per employee .
– Full autonomy for analyzing the effects of a change in coverage and inform the employee concerned.
– Understanding the monthly billing.
– Support tools answering employees questions.

Benefits of using Maxi-Group Module:

– Premiums calculated by the actual income of the employee.
– Maxi-Pay communicates closely with the Module.
– Maxi-Pay reflects premiums on pay stubs.
– Calculation of premiums synchronized with Maxi-Pay and accured to the insurer billing cycle .


Group Insurance Contract Management :

– Definition and description of the contract .
– Definition of contract by division.
– Assignment of contract activation time (probation period).

Protection Management:

– Definition of protection by types.
– Definition by type of coverage.
– Definition of coverage period.
– Definition of rounding dollars by type of coverage.
– Definition of taxable income by province.
– Definition of employee-employer portion.
– Definition of the average portion 50-50.
– Definition of coverage of levels by age and percentage.
– Management of complimentary insurance.

Rate schedule management:

– Definition of types of coverage.
– Definition of type of fare (unit or fixed).
– Definition of rates by type of coverage.
– Assignment of the effective service tax .
– Rate management by age, by gender, smoking / non-smoking.
– Complete management of tabulating premium employer and employee portions.
– Complete management of taxable income by province.

Employee management :

– List of employees under the insurance contract .
– List of employees linked to the payroll system or other.
– Adding and assigning employee to contract.
– Modification of the information linked to the employee.
– Delete an employee.
– Definition of salary, hourly rate, hours worked, additional earnings and calculation of annual income.
– Assigning protections.
– Assigning the type of coverage.
– Calculation of monthly premiums.
– Calculation of premiums per pay period.
– Export premiums and taxable profits to payroll.


– Detailed information for employees by monthly period.
– Detailed information for employees per pay period.
– Summary of deductions for insurance for employees.
– Detailed information for a monthly period for employees by division.
– Detailed information per pay period for employees by division.