The Company

Founded in 1969, The Cytronics Corporation was born with the ambition to develop and offer a different payroll service for any type of companies. Despite the presence of many competitors, Cytronics was able to keep it’s place in the Canadian market and in addition to becoming the country’s largest independent Company in the industry. With its great diversity of Clients, Cytronics growth is the envy in it’s domain. The reasons for success: quality, commitment, personalization and security. Cytronics attracts the best talent and experts, personalizes it’s clients service and is the only supplier offering a payroll service completely adapted, fully interactive and highly secure environment.

More than 45 years after its founding, Cytronics continues to evolve and offer more diverse access to its service to meet the most demanding customer. Its new range of cloud computing products allows Cytronics to be at the forefront in the domain.