Privacy Policy

The Cytronics Corporation is committed to protecting the privacy of all clients and all visitors to its website. This statement describes the practices adopted by Cytronics respect to the privacy of Cytronics websites users.

Cytronics may from time to time make changes to this privacy statement regarding practices in accordance with the regulatory changes or to improve its best privacy practices. No use of personal information other than for the treatment of data, can not be done without informing the client of the reasons for its use.

All employees of Cytronics must be aware of strict guidelines regarding confidentiality and agree, in writing, to comply. They are also bound by confidentiality and must meet the professional, legal and ethical requirements that apply to them. Access to personal information and their use is restricted to Cytronics employees who need to fulfill contractual obligations to our clients. Our employees have been trained to answer questions about our privacy commitment.

Cytronics is based on the standards of confidentiality recommended by the Canadian Standards Association, which are part of the Privacy Act Personal Information and Electronic Documents.