Green Initiative


Cytronics is committed to a new green perspective by adopting environmentally responsible practices in all aspects of its business with its clients, employees and partners.

Initiative – “Life in Green”

The initiative of Cytronics “Life in Green” provides the ability to completely reduce the need for printing for our customers. Whether in preparation or following the payroll, no document printing is required for all clients who treat their own payroll through our cloud computing based solutions. In addition, reports from payroll are published on Employer Portal while the employee(s) can view and possibly modify their own personal data and /or statements on the Employee Portal.

We also offer digital medias as an alternative to paper forms at year end. The digital file contains the year-end forms of each client, usually identical to the hard copies received, which can easily be printed by the employee(s) who need a hard copy. Digital media also offer a convenient and safe method for the preservation of records.