Why Cytronics

The role of any administrator is to participate in the growth of the Company, they also manage and ensure a healthy daily management. Today, with the globalization of business and the competition that follows, it is more important than ever to focus on the functions that relate to the Company . All necessary but not productive responsibilities should be entrusted to specialists in the domain who more often than not will do the job more efficiently and more economically than if they were made inter-office. Specialization has its advantages and payroll is a striking example.

Cytronics offers value-added payroll service for over 45 years. Any specific need to industries and clients it serves could be addressed and/or responded positively, whether the Company has one or thousands of employees.   Cytronics team takes charge from the start to finish to ensure sound transition and smooth production. Cytronics is committed to offer a personalized service combined with world-class operational excellence that is the fruit of it’s experience. Cytronics manages with rigor based on procedures and constantly re-evaluate policies with respect to security, privacy and confidentiality of information.

Aware that its clients may have needs that payroll can not answer, Cytronics has, through a rigorous process, evaluated and selected partners of complementary solutions to its services. Cytronics believes in promoting greater specialization by domain expertise without this resulting in impairments to it’s clients. Thus, Cytronics adopted a real-time integration policy with all its technology partners. No double entry, no transfer of mechanical data. Everything is integrated and transparent.