Backed by over 45 years of experience in providing value-added payroll services combined with a live cloud-based interactive processing to small and medium size businesses, Maxi-Pay is the ideal employee payroll solution for your organization. With Maxi-Pay you get all the features of the most sophisticated payroll solution in an easy-to-use and customizable package.

Our value-added employee payroll service package features:

  1. Secure access to a private site
    Cytronics establishes a virtual private network connection (VPN) that encrypts the user’s connection to the Maxi-Pay server prohibiting public interception and guaranteeing protection of data.
  2. Encrypted transmission and encrypted documents stored within client PCs
    In addition to transmitted data, any information stored within client PCs is also encrypted protecting the client’s data within their own environment.
  3. Hybrid system
    Cytronics uses a combination of an installed Windows application, the web and a back-end mainframe to achieve a high level of performance (not just browser based).
  4. Simple, easy to use, intuitive displays
    Each payroll function (Employee Profiles, Post Data, etc) can be processed as a list of employees in report form or one employee at a time to maximize the use of the system.
  5. Extremely fast, robust, interactive, real-time performance 
    The user may perform live changes to all system reference files and because Cytronics uses a hybrid system, the execution is very fast. All functions are live or REAL TIME including a Cytronics unique tool to “Proof the Pay” allowing the user to edit reports and to view the employee cheques as a test without committing the pay as a final. The system highlights errors and warnings to the user
  6. Ideal for small and mid sized businesses (less than 1,000 employees)
    The same system can handle small users as well as larger companies. This eliminates the need to migrate to a new system as you grow thereby eliminating the need for new learning.
  7. Multiple clients, multiple provinces system
    Companies often have more than one entity and Cytronics accommodates this by printing reports separately and consolidated. In addition, Cytronics has the ability to handle pay requirements for all provinces.
  8. Multiple Departments per cheque; Multiple cheques per pay period
    This feature adds flexibility to the user. Multiple cheques may be issued to any given employee. Each cheque may contain up to 100 components separated from the others due to multiple pay rates, department numbers, G/L distributions, etc. This feature also facilitates cost distributions to a variety of departments, general ledger accounts and projects including proportional benefit expenses.
  9. Payment by cheque and/or direct deposit
    Each employee may select to receive a cheque or a direct deposit, the latter into three separate bank accounts. All banking institutions including trust companies and Caisse Populaires are supported.
  10. Published and archived reports to a private folder (2 year history)
    Cytronics is a green company and limits its paper use. Our system maintains all data transactions, cheques and employee records online for two years offering immediate review and reporting. Employees that elect to receive direct deposits can have their vouchers emailed to them or published over a secure internet connection. This eliminates paper and distribution expenses. T4s and R1s are also published for all employees.
  11. On demand reports in addition to pay period reports
    As the user is connected live to the system, any report may be requested at any time and the user may even specify variations in the selected options. Furthermore, Cytronics Report Generator allows the user to create their own reports through on-the-spot field selections including cumulative and demographic fields.

    The following is a partial list of standard reports available:
    Cheque register
    Employee status listing for terminations
    Department distributions
    Employee ledgers
    Milestone warnings
    Seniority list
    EI record of employment
    Union dues report
    Joint commission report
    Expense distributions with G/L summary
    Group insurance control report
    Vacation schedules
    Customized reports

  12. Customized earnings, deductions, employee files and reports
    Cytronics customizes systems according to users’ needs. This customization may include special rules for earnings, unique accumulative fields of information as well as unique reports.
  13. Employee year to date totals and last year final totals by earning and deduction
    Complete year to date earnings and deductions by types, including taxable benefits and insurable earnings may be displayed for the current and previous year. A full year of cheques can be displayed at any time with the ability to expand any given cheque into specific details. With this feature the user may immediately answer all employee inquiries as to what was received and why.
  14. View all cheques issued last year and those issued in the current year to date
    To facilitate a review, all cheques are available to view in detail for the paymaster’s analysis.
  15. Ability to use the system to compute a manual cheque, print it and auto post it
    Enter hours as you would in a pay period and with the click a button receive a detailed display of the cheque from gross to net. We call this a “Cheque Test” and as the name suggests, it is just that – a test. Nothing committed. If you don’t like the results, change the data and repeat the test. In a soon to be announced feature, the resulting cheque may be further posted as a manual cheque providing the paymaster with the computing facility of the system for manuals.
  16. Special module for Quebec’s CCQ industry
    Cytronics has created a simplified process for handling the needs of the Quebec construction industry that includes the preparation and remittance of the CCQ report and payment. In addition, we handle all the pay scales and rules for the full range of craft codes, sectors skill levels and exceptions. All union rules are also supported. The structure is established to ensure against errors when dealing with such a large set of codes.
  17. Integrated HR module
    Most systems today have a separate HR module from payroll wherein like information is exchanged in batches. Cytronics common platform REAL TIME interactive on-line system allows for the changes in one section to be immediately reflected in the other without the need to execute an interface routine.
  18. Integrated Time and Attendance file uploads with customized conversion interface
    Cytronics stands out from its competitors by writing a customized interface between time and attendance data and payroll data, and allowing the programming of special features. Cytronics' interface system works with all Time and Attendance systems.
  19. Integrated Group Insurance module for premium calculations, taxable benefit allocations and deductions
    As part of the HR module, Cytronics' unique system has an integrated Real Time Group Insurance module to compute premiums, allocate the unique proportions paid by employees and employers, and minimize the taxable benefits arising from the employer portion. Any change in employee status such as salary, age, etc., would automatically be reflected in the next calculation (usually preset to occur on the first of every new month). In a feature soon to be announced, the system will also automate employee enrolments, requested changes and report these to your Group Insurance company to eliminate delayed adjustments and their consequential reconciliations.
  20. Visual contact support to guide the user through the learning process
    Cytronics' support team simplifies the “how to”. Support staff can remotely connect to the user’s system to provide coaching and training that is both flexible and instantly delivered, even when payroll is being processed.
  21. Tag System
    Our Internal Tag system eliminates playing telephone tag. Chat to a live agent to promote efficiency and company productivity. The tags are also automatically printed and filed for historical reference.